Aims: What do you want to achieve by implementing Persistent Identifiers?
Position 1
My Persistent Identifiers are in place so that researchers can cite and reference works.

Position 2
My Persistent Identifiers are meant for machine readable use, for example with aggregation services such as Europeana or in APIs.

Position 3
My Persistent Identifiers are meant to support the scientific and academic research process.

Position 4
I want to be able to make my own policies regarding Persistent Identifiers.

Position 5
The digital objects connected to my Persistent Identifiers must be in a Trustworthy Digital Repository. The repository must aim to provide long term sustainable access to digital objects.

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Context: What type of objects are you creating Persistent Identifiers for?
Position 6
The objects are predominantly (written) publications such as books, newspapers magazines, etc.

Position 7
The digital objects are predominantly physical objects, such as museum artefacts, (analogue) photos or books.

Position 8
Some Persistent Identifiers point to objects without metadata.

Position 9
Persistent Identifiers point predominately to individual scanned objects.

Position 10
Persistent Identifiers point predominantly to collections of objects i.e. books, artefacts, datasets.

Position 11
The objects which have been assigned a persistent identifier can change, without changing the persistent identifier itself. Occasionally you might want to edit or improve the metadata, or change the content of an object, without creating a completely new version.

Position 12
I find it important that the Persistent Identifier system requires specific metadata (e.g. who, what, when and where), so that the information is interoperable (within the Persistent Identifier system).

Position 13
My collections are extremely complex and are comprised of multiple items that Persistent Identifiers would need to navigate.

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Use: How will your organisation make use of Persistent Identifiers?
Position 14
It can be anticipated that objects and their accompanying Persistent Identifiers could be deleted.

Position 15
How much technical knowledge and time does your organisation have at its disposal to implement a Persistent Identifier System?

Position 16
What would you pay for membership or subscription to a Persistent Identifier system exclusive of implementation and service costs?

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Support: What do you expect from a Persistent Identifier Provider and the organisation around the Persistent Identifier resolution?
Position 17
I find it important to have a choice between different Persistent Identifier providers with my chosen type of Persistent Identifier system.

Position 18
How much support do you expect from the Persistent Identifier provider when working with Persistent Identifiers in your organisation?

Position 19
How much support do you expect from the Persistent Identifier providers when implementing necessary changes in your persistent Identifier system, i.e. when you need to change the location of your object?

Position 20
I find it important that there are relevant statistics about the use of my Persistent Identifiers available, e.g. how often they are resolved.

Position 21
I want to, without changing the implemented Persistent Identifier system itself, have the option to change providers.

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Technical: What do you expect from Persistent Identifier infrastructure (in terms of technical quality) and the technical basis of the resolution of identifiers?
Position 22
Resolution: The Persistent Identifier system needs to be scalable so that it is discoverable in a global context.

Position 23
Actionable: All my Persistent Identifiers must point to an address online, or all my digital objects have a web address even if that object only consists of metadata (i.e. your Persistent Identifiers will never directly point to a physical object).

Position 24
Landing page: All my Persistent Identifiers always point first to a landing page rather than the object itself.

Position 25
Part identifier: If I have assigned a Persistent Identifier to an object, I also want it to be possible to point to part of an object, e.g chapters in a book where the book has a Persistent Identifier, or to a distinct webpage on a given (archived) website, where the website has a Persistent Identifier, without having to create and assign a separate identifier.

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Final Result
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Additional Questions

Thank you for using our Persistent Identifier selection tool. We would like to ask you some additional questions in order to help the project and the services available to you and your colleagues. Through your answers we can gain greater insight into why organisations choose specific Persistent Identifier systems. This means you and your colleagues can be better informed about the experiences of others and best practices in the sector. Your answers for this section will be anonymised the same as your results for the persistent identifier selection tool. If you choose to submit your email address, this will be kept separately and used to contact you and/or to inform you of any updates.

What type of organisation best describes your institution?

Explanation: your answer gives us insight into what type of organisation choose different sorts of Persistent Identifier systems. Once this is known organisations can begin to understand which type of Persistent Identifiers are appropriate for objects and help each other to create best practices.

What is your function in your organisation?

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What type of collection management system does your organisation use?

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After using the Persistent Identifier selection tool, do you have any feedback for us?

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