Best practices for the implementation of persistent identifiers

Step-by-step plan and best practices

The persistent identifier project of the Dutch Digital Heritage Network developed a step-by-step plan for the implementation of persistent identifiers (PIDs). We also collected best practice descriptions of organisations that implemented PID’s by using a best practice description template.
The plan shows which steps you could take when you want to implement PID’s. Via the best practices we want to stimulate the sharing of practical experiences w.r.t. implementing PID’s. This reduces learning curves.


The (headings of the) best practice descriptions follow the steps of the step-by-step plan. This uniformity ensures that the plan and the descriptions show mutual coherence, and are comparable.
On this page we share the plan, descriptions and the template. This helps you get a good impression of how other organisations implemented PID’s, and enables you to share your best practices with others. Please note that these documents are in Dutch.

Step-by-step plan

Best practice descriptions (in Dutch)

Other resources